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Case study: FedoPress

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Case study: FedoPress

Customer Profile

  • FedoPress is the document service facility of the Belgian Ministry of Finance
  • The FedoPress facility designs and prints Belgium's tax documentation and other essential Government department communications - approximately 30 million letters per year
  • FedoPress has implemented a White Paper FactoryTM to drive process efficiencies and achieve best output quality

The drive for efficiency

Situated near the centre of Brussels, FedoPress - the document service facility of the Belgian Ministry of Finance - is responsible for the print and production of Belgium's tax documentation and other essential Government department communications. 

Like any Government body, FedoPress is challenged with providing best quality for best value.  The team recognised substantial opportunities for greater efficiency, particularly in terms of migrating a proportion of its offset printed output to a digital platform and in merging offset and digital work into one standardised workflow. 

Fedopress chose to implement Pitney Bowes print and mail technology, creating an end-to-end White Paper Factory that is driving production efficiency and significant savings.

Two becomes one

"Our objectives were straightforward," says Frederic Swierkowski, Project Leader, FedoPress. "We saw huge value in migrating work that ran through the offset platform to high-quality digital print.  We wanted a more unified and flexible operation, one that would drive cost-savings and make better use of our building capacity.  Quality and efficiency were key."

The FedoPress document production site was a distinct two-workflow operation. The ground-floor of the building was dedicated to high-volume offset production, with the third floor housing a digital platform.

Working hand-in-hand with Frederic's team, Pitney Bowes completely re-designed the FedoPress workflow. A total of fifteen machines were removed, replaced with a handful of the very latest production print and mail systems.  Two IntelliJetTM 20 Printing Systems were introduced, along with three Pitney Bowes Mailstream Productivity Series Inserters equipped with the Print+ MessengerTM Colour Inkjet System that delivers dynamic full-colour envelope printing.

Powering this technology is a suite of Pitney Bowes software. File-based processing combines with workflow and job-management software to manage the transactional output. Pitney Bowes was also challenged to build the software bridge that connects with the Heidelberg PriNect graphical control system to provide a single, comprehensive overview of the environment. Two HP Indigo presses are also integrated into the overall workflow.

The White Paper Factory

Today, FedoPress conducts all print and production from just one floor. The team's original aim was to migrate around 25% of its offset production to digital. Pitney Bowes enabled FedoPress to far exceed this original goal, and two Intellijet 20 Printing Systems now handle approximately 75% of the work previously produced on offset presses.

"We knew that we could achieve major efficiencies through eliminating pre-printed base stationery and through having the flexibility to print any job on demand," states Frederic.  "Belgium is a country with three native languages - Flemish, French and German - so we were often having to print and store the same base document in three different languages."

Now, FedoPress prints variable data on plain white roll-fed paper, with the flexibility to print multi-language versions of documents in one run - or even multi-language versions of several documents. Sophisticated job-management software effectively ‘un-mingles' or separates each individual mail-piece so that FedoPress' operators can track the right document to the right envelope every time. The primary use of Print+ Messenger is to enable imprinting of different language logos on blank envelopes maximising postal efficiencies by eliminating application streaming by citizen language preference.

Results and benefits for FedoPress

  • The White Paper Factory is saving FedoPress around 0,20€ per mail piece
  • Sophisticated print-on-demand has eliminated the need to print and store base stationery, saving money and freeing valuable office-space
  • FedoPress operators now have real-time sight and control of the entire document processing workflow
  • FedoPress is positioning as a shared service centre-of excellence and is looking to attract additional work from other Government ministries

Stand-alone quotes:

"We have achieved all of our aims to date with the help of Pitney Bowes. We have top-quality, expert people working on our project and the company has been quick and receptive throughout our entire relationship." - Frederic Swierkowski, Project Leader, FedoPress.

"We conducted a very thorough testing of the Intellijet 20 Printer and were impressed not only with the print quality but also with the reliability of the system." - Frederic Swierkowski, Project Leader, FedoPress


IntelliJetTM 20 Printing System

Mailstream Productivity Series Inserter

Print+ MessengerTM Colour Inkjet System

White Paper FactoryTM Solution

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