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Case Study: Greenbelt

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Pitney Bowes technology gives Greenbelt end-to-end solution

Pitney Bowes technology gives Greenbelt end-to-end solution

Greenbelt is a UK-wide company that manages land in more than 750 greenbelt areas. The company develops and manages these locations ensuring that shared landscapes are maintained in a way that will sustain the local environment whilst catering to the needs of residents. Greenbelt owns and manages the land within these developments and so communicates regularly with residents, planners and developers.

A long-standing Pitney Bowes customer, Greenbelt decided to upgrade their technology.

"Having been a Pitney Bowes customer for some time I knew about the franking technology available and the benefits of processing mail in this way", explains Julie Mitchell, Managing Director of Greenbelt. "But our Account Manager opened my eyes to the other solutions on offer and it became clear that Pitney Bowes could provide us with solutions for the whole mailing process."

Whereas previously only the company's franking was automated, Greenbelt now has the technology for an end-to-end solution.

This process starts with Pitney Bowes Planet Press software which facilitates easy creation and printing of documents. The program enables the company to merge data with transactional and promotional documents before printing and production. The user can also add advertising information and graphics before setting the documents to be automatically distributed via fax, post or email and then archived for future reference. For Greenbelt, many of their documents follow the same templates so it is useful to have these archived for re-use.

Julie explains, "70% of the mail we send is invoices, which all follow the same format. Using the new technology we can automatically merge the new data with the existing templates before choosing to add current marketing messages. So, for companies like us that produce lots of similar documents regularly, this solution is ideal. "

Once Greenbelt's letters have been created using the Planet Press software, they pass to the company's new DI521 inserter. The inserter reads the security marks, made using Planet Press, to ensure that the right letter is inserted into the right envelope. This not only gives the company peace of mind but also saves time.

"Before we invested in this technology my staff were spending hours manually folding and inserting letters", says Julie. "And of course, there is always an element of human error, especially when you consider that we send around 5000 letters a month. My staff can now concentrate on far more important tasks and we are assured that the right person is receiving the right mailpiece."

The letters then make the final stage, when they are passed to the Connect+ colour franking machine. This is faster than Greenbelt's previous model and allows the company to include colour advertising on the outside of each mailpiece. This function particularly appealed to the staff at Greenbelt.

"We had no idea that it was even possible to include colour images and text on the outside of envelopes", says Julie. "The MyGraphics tool is brilliant as we operate as a group of five separate companies, so we can include the appropriate logo on the mail. This means that the recipient immediately recognises who the mail is from - they realise that it's important. Also, we think that it makes the mail look more professional. But the best thing about the Connect+ and the MyGraphics is how easy it is to use. We had excellent training when the machine was first installed and we have successfully passed this knowledge on to other members of the team."

In addition, the weighing scale on the Connect+ means that the company is assured that the right amount of postage has been paid, and using the accounting facility, they can keep track of how much is being spent.

The Connect+ is supported by Pitney Bowes Cleanmail technology. Cleanmail prepares the mail in such a way that it can be sorted by Royal Mail automatically and this entitles the user to a discount. By using Cleanmail, Greenbelt saves 4.2p on each first class letter they send, this equates to an annual saving of £2,520 - a considerable sum for any small business.

Julie summarises, "We had no idea that all this technology was available to us. Our previous franking machine was fine for franking the mail, but it's only now that we've realised how much time we were putting into the other tasks - the document creation, the folding, the inserting. We now have a complete end-to-end solution to do most of the work for us and this has enabled us to run the business more effectively. It's been a real eye-opener and I'd definitely recommend that other business take advantage of the technology- the benefits are huge."

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