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Case Study: T & P Fire Ltd

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Case Study: T & P Fire Ltd

T&P Fire mailing process hots up with Pitney Bowes technology Established in 1991 in East Anglia, T&P

Fire Ltd now has offices in both Norfolk and London. The company specialises in fire prevention maintenance and equipment including fire alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and more. Since its conception over 20 years ago, the company has continued to grow and offers its services to most areas in England.

T&P Fire was previously a Pitney Bowes customer but decided to try a competitor’s services. However, after experiencing disappointment with the competitor’s technology, they decided to return to Pitney Bowes in October 2012.

With a monthly output of over a thousand mail items, T&P Fire had very specific expectations from the equipment they wanted. In line with the company’s needs Pitney Bowes suggested the DM160i Digital Franking Machine, a quick and quiet machine that can process anything from letters to small packages and parcels.

According to company Administrator Yvonne Hannan, it meets their demands perfectly, “The machine is great, I’m so glad they recommended it as it has everything we need.”

But superior technology was not the only factor that attracted the company back to Pitney Bowes, as Yvonne explains, “The whole package offered by Pitney Bowes really convinced us to return to them, but in particular we were very impressed with the level of after-care they offer.”

After the installation, T&P Fire staff received full comprehensive training on how to use the technology and have since experienced no problems completing their everyday mailing tasks. As Yvonne adds, “It’s just so easy and intuitive to use. If there’s anything you want to do, the instructions are already displayed on the machine and they are very clear.”

The new franking machine has also helped T&P Fire save time and money. Compared to their old machine, the speed of the DM160i has saved the company two hours a month and subsequently frees up staff to concentrate on other tasks.

Staff have also noticed that the standard of presentation of mail items has been improved by the technology. Yvonne explains, “The old machine would frank letters in a garish bright red colour, but the new digital franking machine uses a much more professional looking blue. People from all levels in the company have noticed the improvements and even our Managing Director was impressed,” says Yvonne.

“At this moment in time, I can see us continuing with Pitney Bowes forever. They’ve given us no reason to think otherwise and I’ve even recommended them to my sister who has her own business.”


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