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Case Study: Taylor Vinters

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Taylor Vinters redesigns its invoicing process with Pitney Bowes software

Taylor Vinters is a successful next generation law firm with a commitment to being one of the elite law firms operating internationally in the areas of technology, investment and private client.  

Headquartered in Cambridge UK,  Europe's innovation capital, and operating from its offices in London, Singapore and Cambridge, its team of entrepreneurially-minded people are keen to use technology and innovation to enhance their business processes. Taylor Vinters came to Pitney Bowes in search of the right technology to support the redesign of their invoicing process to enable them to better serve an international client base of private individuals, fast-growth companies, multinational, investors and non-profits. 

The firm purchased a DI950 inserter and Planet Press software from Pitney Bowes to assist with the multi-channel distribution of its invoices, which typically number between 700 and 1000 per month.  

Prior to the deployment of Planet Press, invoices and covering letters were produced by each lawyer, supported by an administrative assistant who typed, collated, stuffed, posted them and scanned them into their document management system. Speed of invoice generation and invoice archiving and retrieval were issues that needed resolving. In addition, Taylor Vinters was keen to make greater use of email to deliver invoices.

Following the deployment of Planet Press, invoices are now captured centrally and converted to PDF format. According the nature of the invoice, the system deploys one of four distribution methods which include either sending a physical mail piece via post, sending the mail piece via post and email, sending by email only, or returning the invoice as a PDF to the lawyer for them to distribute to the client or other party who has agreed to pay the invoice. In addition, the software names the invoice according to a naming convention and places a copy into the document management system (Autonomy iManage) to facilitate retrieval.

Although Taylor Vinters currently only uses the solutions for their invoices, the firm has plans to make full use of the software's capabilities.

"Planet Press is very intelligent and we're just at the initial stages of seeing what it can do", says Solicitor Drew Winlaw who leads Taylor Vinters' business process redesign project. "We have plans to introduce new document types to the equipment this year. Initially, it will semi-automate the process of sending chasing letters for overdue bills but in the long term we hope to use the solutions to send out client-specific marketing material, focused on particular sectors or by the type of work we have done or would like to do for a certain client."

The company already had a Pitney Bowes franking machine and were happy with the service received, so they approached Pitney Bowes for a solution to refine the invoicing process.

"Historically our invoicing was complex, time-consuming and involved lots of people. It was stressful and distracting and we needed a total business process redesign," explains Drew.

"We have new invoicing software that enables lawyers to make billing decisions very efficiently. The lawyer makes invoicing decisions on-screen, the partner approves those decisions on-screen, and everything after the invoice has been approved is handled by Planet Press and the Pitney Bowes automation."

The Planet Press software applies our business rules for distribution and archiving, and the subset of invoices that require printing and posting are printed with security marks and passed to the DI950 inserter. The inserter then reads the security marks to ensure that the right number of pages for each letter is inserted into the right envelope.

"Not only do the solutions link together but they perform their tasks quicker than I expected them to. The products cope well with complexity and are easy to use. Our training was tailored to our own implementation so we were able to go back and tweak the implementation to make it exactly the way we wanted it with our own people. This saved us time and provided us with the flexibility we need so we didn't need to keep calling Pitney Bowes for assistance."

Nevertheless, when Taylor Vinters did call Pitney Bowes for aftercare they were not disappointed.

"We have called them on a few occasions and the technician who implemented our solution was able to log in remotely to fix some of our initial implementation challenges."

One of the most useful features the software has provided at Taylor Vinters is the capacity to enforce naming conventions for the document sets that pass through this process. This means when the documents are filed in an electronic workspace for the relevant matter, they sort neatly and are easily accessible from within the document management system.

"In a law firm, document management is very important and the ability to look into a file and perform timely supervision on it is really crucial, so the easier it is to look at an electronic file the better. Planet Press helps us to enforce those naming conventions and our quality goes up as a result."

Not only have the new solutions made the company more efficient, Drew also foresees financial savings.

"Although it is too early to quantify the savings, I expect the payback period to be quite short, within around nine months." 

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