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Case Study: Watts Group PLC

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Case Study: Watts Group PLC

Watts Group adds colour to mail with Pitney Bowes technology

Established for more than 45 years, Watts Group PLC is a leading consultant to the property and construction industry in the UK and Northern Ireland. The company has more than 120 staff and caters to clients across Europe.

With such a wide-reaching clientele and a monthly output of over 1,000 letters, Watts looked to Pitney Bowes in June 2012 to help improve their mailing process.

When the company approached Pitney Bowes, they were using another mailing equipment provider but had experienced extremely disappointing customer service. Watts had used Pitney Bowes’ services in the past and decided it was time to return. Alex Shepherd, Facilities Assistant, said they were glad they did.

 “Pitney Bowes have been great. The sales person was really informative and he helped us work out exactly what kind of equipment we needed and even got us a great deal on the machine,” he said.

In line with the company’s needs, Pitney Bowes suggested the Connect+ 1000 colour franking machine. As well as automatically applying the correct postage to the mailpiece, the Connect+ can print full colour marketing messages and logos across the full length of the envelope. This not only allows the user to save on the cost of pre-printed stationery but also offers the chance to use every piece of mail as a form of promotional material.

Alex said: “We love the speed of the machine and the fact that we can print our company logo on the envelope in colour. We also use it to encourage clients to follow us on Twitter or wish them season’s greetings at Christmas. 

“It is a great marketing tool and really makes people interested in what we’re sending them.”

Watts has also found the Pitney Bowes equipment and customer service much improved when compared to their previous provider.

Alex said: “The machine is so much easier to use than the one we were using before and has definitely saved us time; it used to take an hour or so to send out all the correspondence but the new technology has halved this.

“I can’t fault their customer service whatsoever. We received thorough training and even when we’ve had initial issues with the machine, they came back in and spent a whole day with us making sure it worked and that we had everything we needed.”

He added: “A technician came in last month for the machine’s regular check-up and we still receive emails from our account manager every fortnight or so to check we are still happy and everything is up to standard.”

Switching back to Pitney Bowes has also brought on unexpected savings for the company.

“Our monthly rental is much better value than with our previous provider and with Pitney Bowes we are saving around £1,200 a year,” Alex said.

Alex is also confident that the new technology will help to grow the business.

He said: “We can use the colour printing as marketing for business surveyor events and then we can advertise it on envelopes and send it out to clients. It’s a clever marketing tool and we hope to make more use of it in the future.”

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