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The end is nigh for Royal Mail SmartSave - so what are your options?

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The end is nigh for Royal Mail SmartSave - so what are your options?

If you’re a small business using Royal Mail SmartStamp, December 31st 2015 will have more significance to you than Champagne, fireworks and Auld Lang Syne.  At the end of the year, SmartStamp will no longer be an option for you to manage your post.

SmartStamp has, for a decade, offered businesses the ability to fuse digital and physical capabilities, printing postage onto labels for multiple mailings directly from your PC. For businesses sending less than 90 items a week, it was ideal, but the industry and climate have changed dramatically. To put this in perspective, in 2005 Twitter hadn’t been born; the Tamagotchi was the most popular toy at Christmas; more of us in the UK had the Nokia 1110 than any other mobile handsets; and the iPhone was a twinkle in Steve Jobs’ eye.

So what are the alternatives?  We’ve considered your options, including the different features, advantages and disadvantages of each - we’ve kept SmartStamp in our graphic so you can see how it compares to your other options.  As you would expect of us, we would advise you to consider a postage meter, as you would benefit from discounts compared to stamped post; it’s convenient and fast; it gives your mailings a professional look and feel; and it allows accurate management of postal costs.  Please do take a look at or download the table we’ve created to help you make your decision. If you would like to have a chat with one of our friendly advisors, to find out how franking can help your business grow, please do get in touch on 0844 4 992 992 or email us at  


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